Great review of “The Iron Heel” featuring moi, by Ethan Kanfer

Ethan Kanfer


Based on the novel by Jack London

Adapted and directed by Edward Einhorn

A committed socialist, Jack London took occasional forays from adventure novels to explore a more politically-charged brand of fiction. The Iron Heel, published in 1907, is an odd alloy of economics and melodrama. The first part of the book is mainly devoted to polemical discourse, with the characters functioning largley as mouthpieces for economic theory (the socialist side, of course, neatly trouncing the opposition in any argument). Once the simmering discontent reaches a boiling point, though, the novel shifts gears, taking on the action-packed tone for which London is celebrated. In Edward Einhorn’s briskly-paced and endearing stage adaptation, the spine of the story remains, while much of the soapboxing has been trimmed, and a few of the cornier lines ( “Social evolution is exasperatingly slow, isn’t it, sweetheart?”) have wisely been excised.

In keeping with the show’s…

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