Tomorrow on TCM: All the “Mexican Spitfire” Movies!


Tomorrow (June 16, 2016) on Turner Classic Movies, a special showing of all the “Mexican Spitfire” comedies starring Lupe Velez (read more about the talented and gorgeous Latin star here).

While worth watching as historical curiosities, to the modern sensibility these films seem both sexist and racist. The Spitfire character is a sort of combination of Lucy and Desi, hot tempered, fast talking, and trouble prone, like some sort of wild animal. The only way you would be prone to find it amusing is if you were by default poised to laugh at the idiocy of women and Mexicans. Leon Eroll as Uncle Matt and his alter ego Lord Epping is a bit of welcome relief. Essentially these are cheapie B pictures on every level, forgettable, disposable, and very much representative of the times. (A subject on which we will follow up with another post tomorrow)


9:45am (EST): The Girl from Mexico (1939)

The first “Mexican Spitfire” movie, although no one knew at the time that a series of films would transpire. Lupe Velez plays an unknown singer in a small Mexican village brought north of the border by a radio scout (Donald Woods) who is affianced to a scheming phony. Lupe will of course win him for her own.


11:00am (EST): Mexican Spitfire (1940)

The couple are now married and its all about the culture clash of being a Latina in America. From here on in the description of the film is all in the movie title…


12:15pm (EST): Mexican Spitfire Out West (1940)


1:45pm (EST): Mexican Spitfire’s Baby (1941)


3:00pm (EST): Mexican Spitfire at Sea (1942)


4:15pm (EST): Mexican Spitfire Sees a Ghost (1942)


5:30pm: Mexican Spitfire’s Elephant (1942)


6:45pm: Mexican Spitfire’s Blessed Event (1943)

2 Responses to “Tomorrow on TCM: All the “Mexican Spitfire” Movies!”

  1. big shoe Says:

    At least they let Lupe pay the rent; poor thing had a very sad end, once the public taste for this Mexican Spitfire stuff subsided [at least temporarily–how many times was Charo on The Love Boat, spitting the fire of her particular nationality? And now the great Sofia Vergara rules the airwaves]

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