Molly Crabapple: Drawing Blood


We’d say we are excited for our friend Molly Crabapple, but she doesn’t need our excitement. She is now officially an international global force of nature. Some people just tap into SOMETHING. It would be remarkable if she were just ONE of the many things that she is one of: an illustrator of genius; a visionary entrepreneur (whose franchise of burlesque drawing salons Dr. Sketchys swept the country like wildfire); and then a globe-trotting activist of a new kind. Who would think of attending earth-shaking historical events (e.g. the trial of Khalid Shiekh Mohammed) and drawing them in this day and age?

Her new memoir Drawing Blood (brilliant title) was released yesterday, and there is a launch event tonight at the Slipper Room.

Now, I often like to gloat that she is a fan of No Applause and she had even drawn me, as a character in her 2009 graphic novel Scarlet Takes Manhattan. The original is framed and hangs in our house:

IMG_0355 (1)

As part of the launch for that book, she and I and her collaborator John Leavitt did a joint event at the Museum of Sex.

So tonight, we will be going to the Slipper Room — I hope we can even get in! If we can’t (I tend not to be assertive about such things, because, who wants to be one of those people? I never do)…but if we can’t get in, the Marchioness has already acquired the book and we’ll review it here in a few days. Congratulations, Molly. You’re an astounding person.

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