Rube Marquard (Of Baseball and Blossom)


Today is the birthday of Rube Marquard (1886-1980). Marquard was a legendary pitcher for the New York Giants, Boston Braves, Brooklyn Robins, and one non-defunct team, the Cincinnati Reds. His career as a major league baseball player lasted from 1908 through 1925.  It’s unusual for us to treat of sports figures here, but we occasionally do when they happen also to have been vaudeville performers. From 1917 through 1920, Marquard was married to Blossom Seeley and the pair performed in big time vaudeville together. Strange to think of her being wife and vaudeville partner to anyone but Benny Fields, but there you have it. There is a book about the pair. I haven’t read it yet, so this isn’t quite a recommendation, but I think I will get it and let you know how it is!


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