I’m not finding what I wanted but found cool stuff along the way

It’s nice to be screen shot! One of the best (originally unintentional) purposes Travalanche has ended up serving is as a kind of meet-up spot for actual relatives of vaudevillians, collectors, etc. Hearing from the descendants of the vaudeville performers is almost always worth it:

Archival Research and Rhetoric: Undergraduate REflections

[this is drafty. did not incorporate readings yet]

I wanted to know whether there were women who advocated for themselves/other women to be allowed to perform on stage in the era where all women’s roles were played by men. I figured 16th-17th century England would be a good period to look at, since this was the famous tradition of Shakespeare’s theater.

I googled theatre and database, and whaddya know, there was a http://www.theatredatabase.com/. I typed in women and stage, and this wonderful speech popped up. Here’s an excerpt.


an address by Helena Modjeska
The following speech is reprinted from The World’s Congress of Representative Women. Ed. May Wright Sewall. New York: Rand, McNally & Co., 1894. pp. 164-73.

“There is a general impression that the connection of woman with the stage … does not date farther back than the seventeenth, and…

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  1. OK, Where have you been all my life? The Glory That Is Heston? I rest my case. I’m ordering your book as I tap this out, after having perused your site for the past hour. Thanks for That!

    Don’t bother about my website. I left that dog of a career behind. I’m studying Addiction Counseling and loving it.


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