Edward Bernds


Today is the birthday of screenwriter and director Edward Bernds (1905-2000). Bernds got in on the ground floor of professional radio broadcasting as a teenager in his native Chicago. When talking pictures were introduced in the late 1920s, sound engineers were in demand in Hollywood and Bernds went to work for Columbia. In 1945, with the help of Frank Capra, he began to write and direct Three Stooges shorts, often in collaboration with Edward Ullman. Bernds was there during the Curly-to-Shemp transition and remained with the unit through 1952. He then directed several Bowery Boys features throughout ther 1950s. Much like William Beaudine and Jean Yarbrough during his last years he added horror and sci fi to his resume, helming such classics as Queen of Outer Space (1958) and The Return of the Fly (1959.) In the 1960s he ended his directing career where it started, with the Three Stooges, directing several of their features as well as their animated tv show.

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