Where We At: Springtide Spectaculumps!

And now…for my next trick!

The last twelvemonth was such a chain of large projects (4 of them) that there has been scant time for what you might call the NYC alt-performer’s DAILY SWIM. First there was Marxfest, then I’ll Say She Is, then Dead End Dummy, and then Horseplay.…Outside the context of those four projects, I don’t think I did any of the usual day in, day out type personal appearances, one offs and smaller scale thingies that usually season our calender.

For the next month or so, however, I will have no less than three such special events, and I dearly hope you’ll join me. Since the last of three has the most seats to fill, I’ll present it first and work backwards….


April 21, 7:30 PM, Dixon Place, 161A Chrystie Street


April, 2015 marks the 150th anniversary of the end of the Civil War. To observe the occasion I​ will be presenting sections of my Civil War circus comedy A House Divided, written as companion piece to Kitsch (presented at Theater for the New City in 2009.) This unique variety presentation features clown bits, a “magic lantern slide show”, live music, farcical scenes from the play and circus and sideshow turns.

In the cast:

Trav SD​ as circus showman Romulus LeGuerre and his twin brother Remus, a committed Quaker!

Carolyn Raship​ (Illustrated Slides)

Dandy Darkly​ as your Gentleman Narrator!

Lewd Alfred Douglas​ as Castor and Pollux, two dashing and romantical young lads!

Jeff Seal​ performing a pantomime, twill make you laff til your sides ache!

Jenny Lee Mitchell​ as the divine Miss Greensleeves, love object and soprano

Jennifer Harder​, blowing her bugle and essaying multiple parts!

Justin R. G. Holcomb​ as Major Anderson

Robert Pinnock as the deformed creature “Murk”

the haunting cello of Becca Bernard

sideshow stunts by CARDONE

and introducing…“Abraham Lincoln”!

Stage Manager: Sarah Lahue​


Friday April 3, 8pm, $10 suggested Donation
Barbes, 376 9th Street, Park Slope
Opera on Tap’s New Brew Series Presents:
The Curse of the Rat King: Trav S.D. (libretto) and David Mallamud (music) have been collaborating on this campy comic opera since 2010. It is a post-modern mash-up of Universal horror films, The Pied Piper of Hamelin, the operas of Gilbert and Sullivan, the writings of Sigmund Freud, and numerous other elements. On the bill with him will be selections from Three Way, by David Cote (libretto) and Robert Paterson (music), which has been described as “a kind of NC-17 Il trittico”, and two works with lyrics by UTC#61’s Edward EinhornThe Velvet Oratorio (music by Henry Akona) and Money Lab (music by Avner Finberg).
The Curse of the Rat King
libretto: Trav SD
music: David Mallamud
Three Way
libretto: David Cote
music: Robert Paterson
The Velvet Oratorio
libretto: Edward Einhorn
music: Henry Akona
Money Lab
libretto: Edward Einhorn
music: Avner Finberg
Featuring David Gordon, Seth Gilman, Anne Hiatt, David Macaluso, Cameron Russell, and Krista Wozniak with Christopher Berg tinkling the piano keys.
March 27, 7pm & March 28, 11pm
HERE Arts Center, 145 Sixth Avenue
Trav S.D. plays P.T. Barnum in The Art of Money Getting, a  monologue adapted from Barnum’s eponymous self-help book, directed by Carolyn Raship, accompanied by educational slide show. It’s all part of Untitled Theatre Company #61’s Money Lab: An Economic VaudevilleI’ll be on the bill with some of my favorite downtown artists — don’t miss it!

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