Chaplin and Conklin in “Dough and Dynamite”


Today is the anniversary of the release of the Charlie Chaplin comedy Dough and Dynamite.

In this Keystone short, Charlie and Chester Conklin are rival waiters at a restaurant. The first part of the picture is about their ordinary daily shenanigans. An irate customer protests when Chaplin takes his plate too early and scrapes other stuff on it; Charlie hands him his plate back. Charlie, flirting with a girl, accidentally flings cream puffs in a man’s face. Charlie and Chester collaborate to break a lot of dishes.

Then, the bakers at the establishment, a bunch of scary, “foreign looking” anarchists, go on strike, planting explosive in some dough before they leave. Charlie now drafted into being a baker, with all the requisite flour gags. Then comes the kaboom?

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