Charley Chase in “Bromo and Juliet”

Bromo Poster

Today is the anniversary of the release date of the hilarious Charley Chase short Bromo and Juliet (1926) directed by Leo McCarey. 

In this silent comedy classic Charley plays a young man whose girl (Corliss Palmer) agrees to marry him only if he’ll agree to play Romeo in an amateur theatrical (seems to me they’re setting out on the wrong foot already). He dons his ridiculous looking Romeo costume at home, stuffing the stockings with sponges in order to bulk up the appearance of his legs (very important detail, as it sets up a later gag). Unfortunately, he has first to stop off and pick up her drunken father (William Orlamand) along the way. The cab driver (Oliver Hardy) is much amused at the proceedings. The father makes much trouble along the way, much delaying Charley’s progress. The money shot – -the most memorable part of the picture — is when Charley needs to run across a field that has a bunch of lawn sprinklers going, which inflate the sponges in his tights so he blows up like the Michelin Man. Thanks to some shenanigans of the father, Charley is also transporting illegal bootleg hooch and is being chased by a policeman. He finally makes it to the theatre on time, but the troubles don’t end there…

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