Mabel Normand in “Mabel’s Blunder”


Today is the anniversary of the release date of the Keystone film Mabel’s Blunder, starring Mabel Normand. 

Mabel plays an office girl engaged to the boss’s son (Harry McCoy) but the boss (Charles Bennett) likes her too. Then she hears her beau flirt with (and kiss) another girl (Eva Nelson). Then her brother (Al St. John) who seems to be employed by the same company as a messenger and chauffeur brings a party invitation for the son at the home of Billy Bronx (Charley Chase). Mabel and Al switch clothes and places. Mabel brings the son and the other girl to the party as the chauffeur; and then the father brings Mabel’s brother to the party thinking it is Mabel! What could go wrong?

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