Zita Johann: 50 Years Between Pictures

Tribute today to Zita Johann (1904-1993). Best known for playing the duel role of Helen and Princess Anck-es-en-Amon in the original version of The Mummy (1932), she was in a total of seven films from 1931 through 1934. Other notable films include The Struggle (1931), D.W. Griffith’s last completed film as director); and The Sin of Nora Moran (1933), which had a famous poster painted by Alberto Vargas. 

From 1929 through 1933 she was married to the Mercury Theatre’s John Houseman. They broke up around the time she was seeing John Huston, who subsequently broke several of her bones in a car accident, somewhat putting a damper on her career.

Zohann was born in a culturally German part of Austria-Hungary that is now located in Romania. After Hollywood she spent several decades teaching and acting in the theatre. In 1986, over a half century after her last picture she appeared in the low budget horror film Raiders of the Living Dead. 

In which she portrays “The Librarian”

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