On Herb Shriner: Hoosier Boy


Today is the birthday of the great humorist, broadcast personality and harmonica player Herb Shriner (1918-1970). I first became aware of him, quite naturally, because of his son the comedian Wil Shriner, whom I used to see on tv in the 1980s.

The elder Shriner was too late for vaudeville, but would have been perfect for it, with his mixture of expert harmonica playing and homespun story-telling, very much in the tradition of Will Rogers. His radio career began in 1940, leading inevitably to television. He was best known as the host of the game show Two for the Money from 1952 through 1956. After that, he was primarily a live performer, and made record albums. he also had variety shows of his own over the years, and did guest spots on others. Here’s a little clip”

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  1. Ah! I thought the name Herb Shriner was nagging at me and I’m glad to have Two For The Money mentioned. I was rather fond of that show when Game Show Network ran it. The format seems durable and Shriner was quite good as host.


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