Last Night’s Screening at MOMA


Last night was one of the happiest nights of my life. Why? It was just the sheer pleasure of hearing 2 or 3 hundred people laugh at the Marx Brothers. Hearing that many people be that delighted all together in one room (at something that brings YOU such delight) is like taking a happiness pill. The pleasure of seeing Duck Soup LARGE had something to do with it. There are many more laughs there than you’d ever suspect watching it on tv at home. Facial expressions, takes, and other details are blown up and thus impossible to miss. And different people laugh at different things. The laughter of an audience makes you laugh much more than you do sitting alone. Others see the humor in something that didn’t necessarily strike you that way, but now does. Anyway, this was all very good homework for directing the I’ll Say She Is production. Much good stuff to steal.

Thanks to Charles Silver, Ron Magliozzi and everyone in the MOMA Film Department for making it possible !


In which I introduce those who needed no introduction

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