This Weekend at Marxfest: Dick Cavett, Dueling Grouchos, and More


Fresh in the afterglow of last night’s waltz I’d be remiss if I didn’t give big time plugs to the next two exciting Marxfest events happening this very weekend.


Tonight and tomorrow pre-eminent Groucho impersonator Frank Ferrante will be rocking his schtick in A Night with Groucho in Freeport, Long Island and in Staten Island. Tonight’s event at the Freeport Concert Association is of especial interest as our very own Groucho Noah Diamond is going to conduct a post-show Q & A. Get your Groucho on! There isn’t likely to be such an orgy of Grouchenalia in our area for quite some time. Quite possibly ever. All the details are to be found here:


TOMORROW none other than one of my heroes Mr. Dick Cavett, will be on hand at the program The Marx Brothers on Television in an event curated by scholar Rob Bader in connection with the release of his eponymous upcoming DVD set. Cavett was a big time Marx Brothers fans, and got to know Groucho quite well in his last years both socially and through several entertaining interviews on his program, such as this one. Look forward to clips and quips. I’ll be there with bells on! Here’s the info on the where, when, tickets, and so forth:

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