Fearless Flo Honored Today


Today at 2pm, Green-wood Cemetery celebrates the life and career of silent film sensation Florence LaBadie on her 126th birthday. Appearing in over 180 films over the course of her short life, LaBadie was a stunningly beautiful actress who enjoyed tremendous fame in her day. A tragic car accident in 1917 cut her life short at the age of 29, and she was buried at Green-Wood shortly thereafter. Mysteriously, neither a gravestone nor a monument was ever placed at her burial site and her resting place has remained unmarked for nearly a century. Now, with the help of Green-Wood, Ned Thanhouser and Thanhouser Company Film Preservation, loyal LaBadie fans and film historians, “Fearless Flo” will finally receive a proper grave marker. Today’s event features  a dedication ceremony at her final resting place, featuring remarks on Flo’s life and the silent film era, and live music by professional accompanist Ben Model. A reception will follow in Green-Wood’s Historic Chapel.

This is a free event. More info is here: https://www.green-wood.com/event/2-p-m-honoring-fearless-flo/

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