Buster Keaton in “Parlor, Bedroom and Bath”


February 28 is the anniversary of the release date of the Buster Keaton talkie Parlor, Bedroom and Bath (1931). Directed by Eddie Sedgwick, the film was adapted from a sophisticated Broadway farce that had earlier been made as a silent with Eugene Pallette.

Charlotte Greenwood and Dorothy Christy fight over Buster

This one puts Keaton alongside Cliff Edwards, Reginald Denny, Sally Eilers,  Charlotte Greenwood, Dorothy Christy, Joan Peers, and Edward Brophy, and with a lot of claptrap about Keaton’s bumbling character masquerading as the world’s greatest lover. As  John Lennon said about The Beatles movie Help!“It’s like having clams in a movie about frogs.”

Buster and Joan Peers. PB&B revives the train gag from “One Week”

We regret to say that this movie belongs in the “deservedly forgotten” pile; its interest is more historical than pleasurable. One saving grace, though: it was filmed at Buster’s house!

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