Ford Sterling in “Cohen Saves the Flag”


Today is the anniversary of the release of the Keystone one-reel comedy Cohen Saves the Flag, directed and produced by Mack Sennett. Is it anti-Semitic? Star Ford Sterling, a non-Jew, specialized in the stereotypical Hebrew character, often called Cohen in the Keystones. This film ridicules the very notion of a Lieutenant Goldberg and a Sgt. Cohen. Yet they perform acts of heroism in the Confederate army. Or is it a parody? 

Pathe Lehrman plays Goldberg. Mabel Normand of course is the love interest. As he often did, Sennett is piggybacking his film on someone else’s big budget epic, in this case Thomas Ince’s The Battle of Gettysburg. No way in blazes Sennett hired hundreds of uniformed extras and demolition experts for a one reel comedy. This print is a re-release, retitled Mabel Saves her Darlings.

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