“Something Something” Opens Tonight!


Join Horse Trade in celebration of its 15th birthday with the remounting of one of Horse Trade’s first productions – “Something Something Über Alles.” David Cote, who directed the original Horse Trade production 15 years ago, will be returning to direct Robert Honeywell in this 90-minute thrill ride into the dark intersection of religion, emotion, and animal urge.

September 19 – October 5
Thu-Sat, 8:00pm
UNDER St. Marks | 94 St. Marks Place

A man who bears an uncanny resemblance to Adolf Hitler finds himself idolized by an orgiastic, underground, Führer-worshipping cult. In a monologue that’s alternately hilarious and terrifying, we glimpse the true nature of worship, authority and humanity’s tragic urge to obey. His heartbroken friend, our narrator, leads us down a twisted path to uncover the mystery of what really happened. Written by and originally performed by Assurbanipal Babilla, this tour-de-force monologue features a cast of grotesque characters, passages of intense lyrical power and bawdy comedy. Downtown stage veteran Robert Honeywell performs this 90-minute thrill ride that goes straight to the dark heart of religion and politics.

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