Dom Deluise Apparently Needed More Than “Lotsa Luck”


Today is the birthday of Dominick “Dom” DeLuise (1933-2009). Deluise’s career was wide-ranging, embracing movie appearances, off-Broadway shows, guest shots on tv variety shows, and even appearances with the Metropolitan Opera. And from 1973 to 1974 he was the star of his own sit-com.

Lotsa Luck cast DeLuise, then at his peak (or just about to hit it) as a guy who works in the lost and found department of the bus station, and is the sole support of a large ungrateful family (a very similar set-up to the Edgar Kennedy RKO series of shorts in the 30s and 40s). His overbearing mother was played by the always hilarious Kathleen Freeman. Carl Reiner was one of the co-creators. I remember the show being very funny and popular, but for some reason it was cancelled after 22 episodes. It’s available on DVD, I think I may have to refresh my memory!


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