Mick Jagger’s Two Illegitimate Step-Daughters!

Today is Mick Jagger’s birthday. While I like Mick and the Stones an enormous deal, it’s a hilarious understatement to say I’ve never had even a remote prayer of emulating the flamboyant, tongue-wagging, dirty dancing Jagger. BUT two of my favorite contemporary variety stars do – -and they’re both women!

First there’s Carla Rhodes, the World’s Greatest Rock and Roll Ventriloquist. who’s so into the World’s Greatest Rock Band that she goupied herself backstage once and planted one on each of the group’s principle dirty old men:



That only happened once of course, however she spends a great deal of time with her own versions of Jagger and Richards:


And then there’s the incomparable Tammy Faye Starlite, who is working a whole bunch of rock and roll alter egos these days — she has more personalities than Sybil! What with her Nico tribute act (which we wrote about here), her Blondie tribute band The Pretty Babies, and the Rolling Stones cover band called “The Mike Hunt band”, in which she sings lead, but not as Mick:

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