Two More Chances to See Burlesque-a-Pades


Joey Faye’s birthday is the perfect occasion on which to make this announcement. Next week, Saturday July 20 at 7pm and 8:30 will be reviving Burlesque-a-pades as part of Horse Trade Theater Groups’ Burlesque Blitz.

Based on last fall’s successful run at the Soho Playhouse produced by Angie Pontani and Gotham Burlesque’s Gary Beeber, as before, this edition of Burlesque-A-Pades, stars Angie Pontani and The World Famous Pontani Sisters, and is hosted byThe King of Boylesque” Tigger! andThe Great Deceiver” Albert Cadabra.  

The show is an intoxicating cocktail that enhances titillating terpsichoreans with traditional burlesque comedy: blackout sketches, “skull lectures”, straight-men, top bananas and rim-shots. Va-Va-Voom plus variety: The burly-Q flavored prestidigitation  of Albert Cadabra…the rat-a-tat tapping of Miss Helen Pontani….and musical production numbers by the company. From the Coney Island Boardwalk to the Wild West to the Las Vegas Strip to old-world Europe, Burlesque-A-Pades will transport audiences all over the globe on a trip through burlesque past, present and future.

The show is directed by little old me Trav S.D. with a script adapted from actual old burlesque sketches with contributions from me and the cast: Angie and Helen Pontani, Tigger, Albert Cadabra, Bambi Galore, The Maine Attraction, Gal Friday, Pinkie Special, Bradford Scobie and Little Motown.

Burlesque-A-Pades performances will be on Saturday, July 20 at 7pm and 8:30pm. For tickets and more info, go to

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