Nick Wallenda Crosses the Grand Canyon on Tight Rope!


At least he’d better…because if he doesn’t accomplish reaching the other side of the Canyon it will mean he has fallen to his death! Tonight at 8pm, the Discovery Channel is airing Wallenda’s live crossing of the Grand Canyon on a high wire, a feat fully in the tradition of Blondin, the Great Farini, Evel Knievel, and Phillipe Petit, not to mention 7 generations of his own family, and his own similar crossing of Niagara Falls last year.

The feat this reminds me of the most is Knievel’s attempted crossing of the Snake River Canyon nearly 40 years ago. I’m absurdly excited about this. Discovery Channel and Wallenda are both hyping the hell out of this and as well they should. The man could most definitely die.

Discovery Channel Page:

Nick Wallenda Page:

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  1. My girlfriend is laying in the hospital with MS. Wathching you cross the canyon and praising Jesus gave us hope. Than\k God that you guys aren’t afraid to say Jesus on tV,


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