Sandy Allen, World’s Tallest Woman


Today is the birthday of Sandy Allen (1955-2008). From 1976 until her death she was the tallest woman in the world, at 7′ 7″, due to a pituitary condition. Never with sideshows per se, she nevertheless wound up being very much in the public eye via the media. She was frequently on television and even in a couple of movies. Here’s a local segment from when she crossed the threshold to being the tallest:

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    • Lindsay, great to meet you. Please keep me in the loop about your films. I too am part Native American (all the coolest people are: Jimi Hendriz, Cher, Sarah Vowell, Will Rogers….). anyway, please stay in touch, I will watch your career with great interest


  1. I met her at the Indiana State Fair in the late 70s; she was a very sweet woman and annoyed that her status wasn’t proving more lucrative, although she didn’t make a deal of it…


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