R.I.P. Harold Cromer, a.k.a. “Stumpy”

dn02247We just received news that Harold Cromer (1921-2013), best known as the second “Stumpy” in the team of Stump and Stumpy (see earlier post here) has passed away.

Comedian and novelty tap dancer Cromer had a long career in show business both before and after his involvement with the popular team, dancing in black vaudeville, nightclubs, Broadway (DuBarry Was a Lady (1939-1940), and films (Boarding House Blues1948) in the early years….and similar dates, including more films (like Cotton Club, 1984) in later years, and many long years of mentorship and working with younger dancers.

Here’s an amazing clip of him when he was just a kid, in the 1938 Oscar Michaux film Swing:


  1. Thank you so much for honoring my Great Grandfather!! Today being my Grandfather’s birth date brings another great opportunity to turn our thoughts to his Legacy.

    I am currently working on a wonderful documentary which will share my Grandfather’s amazing Legacy! Please take a moment to check out the link below.

    CALLING ALL dancers/dance enthusiasts/tap dancers/theater enthusiasts/comedians/entertainers/ and all those in need of inspiration!

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    Chelsea Phillips


  2. I lived at a ranch out west last year. There was a henhouse. One of the people walked out early one morning and a chicken had laid an egg on a stump. There it was, plunk bare, in the middle of a stump in the henhouse. I thought about it and realized: The age-old question had finally been answered. What came first… the chicken, or the egg?…and the answer is, of course, “I’m stumped”. Laughed quite a lot at that one…still do, once in a while. RIP


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