Strange for Hire


Had a chance to “first act” Strange for Hire last night, the new weekly variety show in the Crypt Cafe at Times Scare put on by Todd Robbins and Donny Vomit. It was an amazing blast for a show biz lover like me and I reckon I’ll be going back to the well on many an occasion.

Robbins hosted this one, and as always he proved himself an old school master dexterously juggling magic tricks, bar bet stunts, sideshow gags, and hoary puns. The line-up was a wowser, including:

* one of my personal faves the hula hoop artiste Miss Saturn (who has the distinction of being the world’s only “human planet” with rock-hard abs);

* a hilarious Grand Guignol comedy gross-out routine by one “Milos the Medicine Man” (hopefully not named after the notorious Concentration Camp commandant, but it’s just possible). This is most definitely the first disemboweling act I have yet encountered in the modern variety scene, and I give it high marks in the surprise department, which I’ve just ruined for you. I suspect the chap’s real name may be Tighe Swanson

* burlesque beauty Boo-Boo Darlin’, who comically alternated slow-mo and sped-up dances to a hip hop number. Amusingly, the three young midwestern girls to my left, who had been more than able to sit and enjoy the bloody gutting of a man from the audience, found themselves unable to remain in the theatre whilst Boo-Boo took off her top and stripped down to her pasties. Lenny Bruce would have appreciated the irony.

There was more to this show, but I had to split on some fambly bidness. I took photos, but they all came out way blurry. I just don’t understand how you mortals do things. So if you want to see the show, you’ll have to see it for yourself. It’s every Thursday at 8pm! Get all the dope here at


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