“The Henrietta” Opens Tonight

Blaine Smith and Alexandra O'Daly photo by Jacob J. Goldberg

Blaine Smith and Alexandra O’Daly
photo by Jacob J. Goldberg

At least once per season (sometimes several times) Metropolitan Playhouse presents a play I am downright tickled to death about and absolutely have to see — and I never, ever regret having done so. The company specializes in unearthing gems of the American stage from the pre-O’Neill era, a period sadly and unjustly neglected by our modern repertory. Tonight, they open Bronson Howard’s The Henrietta, a Wall Street Comedy, that had several lives….first in the original 1887 Broadway production:


Then in a 1913 stage revival starring Douglas Fairbanks called The New Henrietta:

douglas fairbanks[1]

Which was then adapted into a screen version called The Lamb in 1915, thus launching Fairbanks’ film career:


And then remade once again into a film which became Buster Keaton’s first feature The Saphead (1920)


Having seen the two cinematic versions I have small doubt they differ wildly from the original, so I am eager to see the play, which in turn ought to have some resonance with today’s irresponsible financial market (i.e. ought to be topical). As Solomon said, “There is nothing new under the sun”.

For all the information of the Metropolitan’s production go here.


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