Sonja Henie: One in a Million


Today is the birthday of Sonja Henie (1912-1969), who for ten years enjoyed an unlikely second career for a world champion ice skater — movie star. (although there were others who attempted to follow her lead, with less success)

I watched her first picture One in a Million (1936) several times when I was researching No Applause, because it co-stars several vaudevillians who get to do their turns over the course of this unusual movie. Adolphe Menjou plays a movie mogul desperate to find a “natural” actress, which of course turns out to be Henie.

Along the way we meet several nuts also trying to make it at the studio: the Ritz Brothers and Borah Minnevich and his Harmonica Rascals, with great old-time characters like Julius Tannen and Ned Sparks also in the cast, not to mention Don Ameche. And of course, Sonja herself!

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