Andy Clyde: From Mack Sennett to The Real McCoys


Today is the birthday of Andy Clyde (1892-1967).

Best known to modern audiences from roles on Lassie and The Real McCoys, Clyde was a second general Scottish actor (his father was actor/ manager John Clyde). He came to the U.S. in 1921 to be a comedian with Mack Sennett at the invitation of his friend Jimmy Finlayson.

With Harry Langdon in “His New Mamma” (1924)

He became best known for playing crusty, rural old men (long before he actually was one), and had his own popular starring comedy short series with Sennett well into the era of talkies. (In fact he was one of Sennett’s last major stars).

With Daphne Pollard, circa 1930

When Sennett folded in 1934, Clyde went over to Columbia. He was also a character actor in feature films (notably as a sidekick to Hopalong Cassidy), and, as we said, a television actor.

with Hoppy

Here he is with Harry Gribbon in the 1932 Sennett comedy short Ghost Parade:

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  1. Even if Kewpie Morgan had a bit part why not give at least film credit? I know he appeared with several of these Stars of Slapstick, but with no mention! Why not?


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