Donna Pescow is “Angie”


Today is the birthday of Donna Pescow (b. 1954). She was always more cute and lovable than she was funny, although John Travolta did get a few cruel laughs at her expense in Saturday Night Fever. From there she went on to her own sit-com on ABC that lasted two whole seasons (1979 and 1980). (I’m not being snide. As you’ll see, most the shows I post in this series lasted only a season or less, hence “Forgotten”). Angie cast her as a working class girl whose love interest was an upper class WASP played by goofy, good-looking Robert Hays (which is how I first knew him, as opposed to Airplane which came out just as Angie was winding down). Her younger sister was very believably played by Debralee Scott. 

The network tried hard to make a hit of the show. Not sure why it didn’t last longer. It got a lot of press and promotion; it was very visible. I just played the theme song and it hit me like a bolt, so I must have watched it many a time, though I can’t remember much about the actual show. But that’s a damn good theme song. Voila —

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