“Shine on, Harvest Moon” Today


I’m unnatturally excited and have my DVR already programmed. TCM is showing Shine On, Harvest Moon at noon today. I’ve seen most of the major vaudeville bio-pics but this one has eluded my grasp, being unavailable to rent or purchase in DVD form. It’s the Hollywood telling of the life of Nora Bayes, one of vaudeville’s biggest stars of the early 20th century (for more on her go here). I’m assuming the fact that it has no big stars has been holding that release back, but perhaps there are intellectual property issues (as there often are where songs are involved). At any rate, most of the fun of watching these old bio-pics is enjoying how inaccurate they are, and how wildly they go in fictitious directions for the sake of entertainment. The picture on the poster above tells me all I need to know on that score. I may be wrong, but I doubt if any audience ever saw any of Nora Bayes’ legs or shoulders. ANY amount. Ever. But I suppose I won’t mind looking at Ann Sheridan’s!


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