Vincent Price Does Poe!


Today is the birthday of one my favorite writers Edgar Allan Poe (1809-1849). To mark the date I thought I’d double your pleasure by looking at Vincent Price’s long relationship with the author by virtue of the many Poe adaptations by Roger Corman and American International Pictures: Tales of Terror, The Raven, House of Usher, the Pit and the Pendulum, and even The Conqueror Worm (a.k.a The Witchfinder General). I’m sure I’m leaving some out. The films themselves (like the Hammer horror they so resemble) are as dull as dishwater, but they do have their moments of hystrionic hokum thanks to Price. It only took me about two seconds to find these hilarious photographs and the video below. Oh how I wish there was a piece of live theatre I could see starring Vincent Price interpreting “An Evening with Edgar Allan Poe”…



vincent and black cat[1]



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