More Plays on Indie Theatre Now!


I got a nice New Year’s surprise this weekend from Martin Denton and Indie Theatre Now — they’ve added a bunch more of my plays to my Indie Theatre Now page. What’s more, through a limited time offer you can purchase the whole package of 11 plays at discount rate ($8.80 for the lot, as opposed to $14.19 — the pricing system is very scientific, I think it rounds out if you convert it to rupees or yen or something).

The complete batch now includes these (dated according to most important premiere):

Universal Rundle (1988)

Ezekiel’s Wheelchair (1993)

Misshapen Jack, the Nebraskan Hunchback (1997)

House of Trash (2000)

Sea of Love (2002)

Columbia, the Germ of the Ocean (2002)

The Dorothy Building (2006)

Nihils: The Negation of Everything (2007)

Kitch, or Two for the Price of One (2009)

Willy Nilly (2009)

The Strange Case of Grippo the Ape Man (2011)

I have tons more plays waiting in my files, both produced and unproduced, but rather than be greedy all at once (and inundate the Martins) I sent them a limited, representaive selection, in hopes that perhaps some of the others could go up in a later batch.

As a cross section, this includes a wide diversity of play types, from very large to very small, long to short…from one acts to five acts…to large casts of two dozen to solo pieces and two handers.

If I were to recommend only ONE of these plays to look at (in the probable event that you only have limited time, money or curiosity) I would maybe ask that it be Ezekiel’s WheelchairIt’s one of my most popularly produced (it’s been done from Austin, Texas to — most recently — London) and hasn’t been done in New York since 1993. It’s also a three hander, thus one of the most produce-able in the batch.

At any rate, enough salesmanship. Please check the plays out here:


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