Sybil Seeley: Early Keaton Leading Lady


Today is the birthday of Sybil Seeley (1902-1982) best known as one of Buster Keaton’s leading ladies during his Comique period (the shorts he made between 1920 and 1922). Born Sibye Trevilla (the name she was originally billed under), she began working for Keystone in 1917 at age 15. She’s only in five of Keaton’s films but they are among his best: One Week, Convict 13, The Scarecrow, The Boat, and The Frozen North. She also has a small part in Harold Lloyd’s A Sailor Made Man. She retired from films in 1922 to raise a family with screenwriter Jules Furthman.

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  1. Just watched “One Week” the other day. She was really cute, and a great foil for Keaton. Now I want to dredge up their other shorts together!


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