The Best Year of My Life


Happy Old Year!

Forgive me for taking this traditional moment for crowing, but a little mental calculus has resulted in a bursting of the dam. 2012 was easily the best year of my professional career, in some ways better than every previous year put together. All in the same twelvemonth, I:

* wrote an article that was published in the New York Times (I’ve been IN many Times pieces, but this was the first time I’d actually penned one to go in the paper of record)

* had a sold out workshop of my new play The Fickle Mistress at Dixon Place, featuring OBIE winners Everett Quinton and Jan Leslie Harding, and starring downtown diva Molly Pope

* directed Angie Pontani’s Burlesquepades at Soho Playhouse

* presented the biggest, best edition yet of American Vaudeville Theatre in the prestigious New York Musical Theatre Festival (NYMF)

* finished my second book

* also presented SRO programs in the Brooklyn Book Festival,  NY Clown Theatre Festival and FABFest

* the usual quotidian miracles: the Villager column, the blog, speaking engagements, performances, and a couple of short silent comedy films.

Plans for the New Year include:

*  the release of my new book Chain of Fools: Silent Comedy and Its Legacies from Nickelodeons to Youtube (with a series of public appearances and original silent comedy films to support it)

* a Palace Theatre centennial celebration

* a new burlesque comedy revue

* workshop events around my new opera (co-written with composer David Mallamud) The Curse of the Rat Man

and lots and lots of writing and performing….

I daren’t hope for a better year for me this year….and since so many had a tragic year in 2012, what I’ll be thinking about at midnight tonight is a better year for THEM (and thanking the master of ceremonies upstairs for a great 2012).

And a great 2013 for YOU. Thanks so much for reading this blog! (And for doubling your numbers once again in 2012!)


      • Hi Trav,
        I am indeed a fan and found you when I was trying to find info on William Hargreaves who co-wrote the song. “Little Yellow Bird” from The Picture of Dorian Gray. Thanks to your site, I found out that he was married to male impersonator, Ella Shields and on and on… You have done what I am in the beginning stages of doing which is to reach out the folks that love this stuff -to entertain and inform. My site is dedicated to movie songs. Mostly the the obscure and un- publshed, as well as semi-well known tunes that are hiding in plain site. We do little flash documentaries and then I have my own page too. My Fab Film Songs partner is a vocal coach and arts critic here in San Francisco. I lived in NYC for 9 years- on East 10th St. and I love to hear from you whats going on in my old stomping grounds. So I just wanted to introduce myself and what I do…Thank you for all you work!

        P.S. I remember seeing Bert Parks sing that Wings song. For the longest time my young mind could not process what it had seen. What a relief after all these years to know that I was not the only one…


      • It’s great to meet you, Janet, and thanks for the kind words. Glad to be of service! — I checked out your site and I love it! just “liked” you on FB and followed you on twitter so will follow your updates, as well. For the dignity of show biz!


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