The Lost Saucer


No, no, no! We DIDN’T already do The Lost Saucer. The one we’ve already done is Far-Out Space Nuts!  Get it right! THAT one has Bob Denver and Chuck McCann lost in space on an American rocket ship that has accidentally launched itself. THIS one has Jim Nabors and Ruth Buzzi lost in space in a flying saucer from the future that has accidentally launched itself. Viva la difference! (Both shows were by Sid and Marty Krofft and ran for one season in 1975.)

Alright: I confess! That diatribe wasn’t for you, it was for me. I’m the one who always mixes the two shows together (and mix them both up with a couple of others which we’ll be getting to). But research has refreshed my memory and turned up many differences. For example, in this show Buzzi and Nabors (unlike McCann and Denver) are not NASA janitors, but lovable, bumbling androids, and they share their adventures with two American children who were trusting enough to join them on their saucer before someone accidentally presses the “ignite” bottom. Also, there is a pet in the show, a disturbing horse/ dog hybrid known as the “Dorse”…it reminds me of the man/dog in that nightmare-inducing scene from the 1978 remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. 


At any rate, enough suspense! Here’s what you’ve really been waiting for!:

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