Eugene Levy: Funniest Eyebrows in Show Biz

One of Levy's greatest creations, hack comic Bobby Bitman
One of Levy’s greatest creations, hack comic Bobby Bitman

Eugene Levy (born this day in 1946) has the funniest eyebrows in show business. He only has to move one of them to make me helpless with laughter. I think of him as a sort of comedy judo master — he knows all the pressure points to touch in order to disarm you, maybe cripple you. I was a worshipful devotee during the principal years of SCTV‘s NBC run 1981-1984 (in fact, there exists video of me doing many comedy characters I used to do during my stand-up act, which in retrospect are embarrassingly derivative of Levy. So, no, you won’t be seeing that.) It briefly seemed like he would follow his SCTV castmates Rick Moranis, John Candy and Catherine O’Hara to movie stardom in the mid-80s, with his appearances in Splash (1984) and Armed and Dangeous (1986), but then he vanished for like a decade.

I was ecstatic when he returned in the mid 90s with the Christopher Guest movies (less “ecstatic” about the American Pie franchise, but happy to see him enjoy well-deserved fame and success).

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