Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band


Today is the birthday of the unspeakably awesome Neil Innes (b. 1944). He played the John Lennon character (and wrote all the music for) the brilliant Beatles parody project the Rutles (co-created with Monty Python’s Eric Idle), and was a key member of the amazing Bonzo Dog DooDah Band. Mixing elements of trad jazz, dada, surrealism, British music hall and psychedelic rock, the nearest antecedent for the Bonzo’s is Spike Jones. They formed around 1962 with the hilarious Vivian Stanshall as their usual lead singer, a sort of living parody of a foppish Englishman, tailor made for comical vaudeville type songs. Typical of his style is their first hit single from 1966:

Innes, who joined a little later, helped steer the band in a psychedelic pop/ rock direction. The Beatles were big fans and frequent collaborators of the Bonzos (and the latter had a big influence on the former). The Bonzos appeared in Magical Mystery Tour (1967) performing the Elvis parody “Death Cab for Cutie” (later used as the name of a different rock band). They broke up in 1970 as times changed, although they got back together for frequent reunions.

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