Film Footage of Mark Twain


Today is the birthday of Samuel Clemens, a.k.a Mark Twain (1835-1910). Huckleberry Finn was one of my favorite books as a child; I quote the passages about the Duke and the Dauphin extensively in my book No Applause. But this morning, a distinctly non-literary thrill. A few months before he died, Twain was photographed gallyvanting around his Connecticut estate by a crew working for the Edison company. Here is the footage they shot (unfortunately preceded by a commercial):


2 Responses to “Film Footage of Mark Twain”

  1. Thanks for pointing out the footage of Mr. C! (Or Mr. T?)

    Don’t know what browser you use, but there’s a plug-in for Firefox and Chrome called Adblock Plus that somehow eliminates most of those pesky ads for things like YouTube videos.


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