The Associates

My first exposure to Martin Short came not on SCTV or Saturday Night Live , but even earlier, when he was the star of the short-lived CBS sit-com The Associates (1979-1980). Short played an earnest young lawyer named Tucker Kerwin, at a firm run by hilarious British actor Wilfred Hyde-White, with the extremely distracting Shelley Smith (pictured above) as a fellow lawyer always nearby in order to make Tucker do clumsy things. Several other familiar faces adorned the cast. The show was directed by James Burrows, of The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Rhoda,  The Bob Newhart Show, Taxi, Cheers, Frasier, Friends, etc etc etc. 

Hence it was extremely good. 

That must be why it was cancelled after just nine of its planned 13 episodes aired. I reckon I saw every one. I loved it! Here’s the credit sequence:

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