Coney Island: Sandy Aftermath and Clean-Up

Part Two of my photos of Superstorm Sandy aftermath; part one covered Park Slope, downtown Brooklyn and DUMBO. 

With the F Train running out as far as Avenue X,  this weekend the Countess and I were able to make it out to Coney Island to bring a shopping cart full of donations to an impromptu relief center in a storefront church on Stillwill Ave. Coney was one of the hardest hit areas. We steered clear of Seagate, which is reportedly devastated, but we did make a beeline for our usual beat, the amusement district.

Within a couple of blocks, we knew the water had come at least this far (around Avenue Z, well on the other side of Coney Island creek). because everything was covered with a thin layer of brown silt, and smelled of salt water. Then we began to see matresses and furniture piled up outside people’s houses. I photographed some of this on the way back, it’s at the bottom of this essay. For now we’ll cut to the chase:

Sign damage on the historic Shore Hotel and theatre

An unlikely place for a restaurant chair
Electrics for the Steeplechase ride. These had most definitely been submerged in salt water, an example of what the amusement operators will be up against as they prepare to open for the new season

Clean-up crew. Staten Island is across the harbor, upper right
Lola Starr and her volunteers

Note that the cars have been taken off the Wonder Wheel presumably prior to storm to limit damage
Note that this view of the bandstand is across the boardwalk, not the beach side. It’s just covered in sand
Deno’s amusement park also covered in sand
US border patrol was out in force for some reason. Maybe pressed into service?

waterline on fence outside the Cyclone
Dont worry, these skeletons and skulls are Halloween decorations!

Prizes from arcade games
Clean up at the sideshow
Red Cross vehicle turns off Surf Ave. Note traffic light is out — still no power in Coney Island
Debris from sideshow and Freak Bar
Merch from Lola Starr’s tee shirt shop
Lola counseling a local family not to touch contaminated toys

Interior of bank ATM lobby full of sand and water
Mermaid Ave

Are these gentlemen siphoning? Putting gas in? Boosting a heap? We didn’t pause to ask

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