Highcliffe Manor

I think of this as the Last Bit of Unrecovered Information Excavated from My Memory. Some months ago, out of curiosity I began looking up obscure tv shows from my childhood online…and finding them, which is a real thrill. I was a tv addict as a child, six plus hours a day. Some of what I’ll be sharing were hit shows that have since been forgotten. Many others (often ones I was quite devoted to) were rapidly cancelled, but I always remembered them.

Sometimes the memory became vague, however. I literally struggled for MONTHS to recall any detail about the show that is the subject of today’s post, other than that it was a campy Gothic horror/ murder mystery parody set in an Old Dark House. Eventually, after months, a face came into focus. Then, months after that I remembered the name that went with the face: a familiar enough face on tlelevision in the 1970s: Audrey Lander. From there, it was easy enough to sleuth my way to Highcliffe Manor, which ran for all of six episodes in 1979. The show had a very large cast, including Ernie Hudson, five years before Ghostbusters, and Stephen McHattie, fresh off his high profile stint as Jake Pasquinel in Centennial. 

Here’s a vintage promo for the show:

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  1. Thank you for putting this out on the Internet. I just had a similar childhood memory recall of the show! I’m 45 now. I have for years vaguely remembered a weird show that my parents watched. I saw the word manor on an apartment complex sign yesterday and the vague memories came back. Hooray for Google. P.S. At age 8 I thought it was strange that the word manor was so close to manure.


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