Columbia, the Germ of the Ocean

Happy Columbus Day!

In honor of the day Indie Theatre Now has added my 1992 play “Columbia the Germ of the Ocean” to their stock of online plays! It’s a Ridiculous style parody of revisionist history in which Columbus is a woman who talks exactly like Chico Marx. I originally wrote it to mark the 500th anniversary of Columbus’s first voyage to the Americas, although my first production didn’t follow until a decade later, when I presented a truncated version of the show at the Bindlestiff Palace of Variety on 42nd Street. In retrospect the cast of that production was memorable for the number of directors it contained, including Lortel and Drama Desk Award nominated Scott Ebersold, UTC #61’s Edward Einhorn (who later cast me in many of his own plays and productions), Theatre Askew’s Tim Cusack (who later produced by my show Horse Play with Everett Quinton), Daniel McKleinfeld (a great stage director who later went on to become a video artist as VJ Fuzzy Bastard), and myself, among others. It starred Julia Pearlstein, a veteran of the original Ridiculous Theatrical Company, and daughter of Modernist-Realist painter Philip Pearlstein, and was directed by Gemini Collisionworks Ian W. Hill assisted by Berit Johnson.

Please go here and check it out to learn everything about Columbus — wrong!

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