Cirkus Amok: Moo

A little photo record of yesterday’s performance of Circus Amok’s show Moo yesterday in Tompkins Square Park, the last performance of their summer 2012 citywide tour. It was the largest crowd I’ve ever seen at one of their shows. I’m no good at estimating such things but it looked as though there could have been 1,000 people there, thanks to the brilliance of Jennifer Miller’s ballyhoo, and Jenny Romaine’s marching band drumming up the crowds.

Jennifer Miller, Woman with a Beard, Mistress of Ceremonies. The eye shadow coupled with chin hair fills me with no end of mixed emotions!

She’s balancing a ladder on her chin. It beats climbing up one to do some work!
The Fratelli Bros., Dialect Comedy and Juggling

After this, I had to split for rehearsal. I also took some video of the marching band, which I’ll post tomorrow.

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