Mabel Normand IS “The Water Nymph”

Today also happens to be the date of the release of The Water Nymph, starring Mack Sennett,Ford Sterling, Mabel Normand, et al.  In this early comedy Normand basically reprises a role she first played for Sennett in her very first movie for him The Diving Girl (Biograph, 1911). Her scandalous appearance in her bathing suit made her something of a sensation, and she was known as “The Diving Girl” for some time after. The buzz helped put Sennett on the map, and epitomized the sort of outrageousness Keystone became known for. In time, he would develop an entire stable of Bathing Beauties, about which much more anon. TCM showed The Water Nymph a couple of weeks ago as part of their centennial tribute and I’m told it will soon be available on DVD.


One Response to “Mabel Normand IS “The Water Nymph””

  1. While I’d heard rumors for some time that “The Water Nymph” had been shot on Long Island and possibly Huntington…when I screened it a few months ago at a silent film series in that town, a couple people in the audience recognized the Huntington lighthouse in it…also celebrating a centennial.


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