Last Night’s Gotham Burlesque

“Don’t take any pictures of the burlesque dancers,” the Countess admonished last night as we settled in at our cafe table at the Triad to check out Gotham Burlesque. I hadn’t planned on doing so anyway, but I did need a visual for the blogpost so I thought I’d restrict myself to a few snaps of the M.C. *World Famous BOB* …and as you can see, even she (who didn’t strip in the show) fogged up the lens!

I’ve seen most of the long-running burlesque shows in town, but this was my first time at Gotham, which has now been operating for almost two years. I hadn’t been to the Triad in awhile so was surprised to find that the whole joint has been renovated and expanded, with an upper level gallery, and a gorgeously appointed house featuring a filigreed procenium with a red velvet curtain, framed by faux Greek columns, and topped with an ornamental scallop shell. A fitting setting for the procession of jewels that constitute Gotham’s All-Star line-up. Habitues of the new burlesque scene will instantly perceive that with *BOB*, Dirty Martini, Angie Pontani and Nasty Canasta all on the same bill, it’s a show in which practically every performer is another show’s headliner: the creme de la creme. And every turn a highlight…Memorable moments:

* Dirty Martini’s “Garden of Eden” bit in which she climaxed by pulling an apple out of a very unexpected place;

* Angie Pontani did a classy number to an Edith Piaf tune in which she danced en pointe clad only in sheer fabric; in her second selection she became a wild girl from the jungle and beat her own bongoes;

* Nasty Canasta performed a hilarious fan dance to the accompaniment of an obnoxious car alarm;

* Albert Cadabra stripped down to his jockey shorts for his Transcendental Teleportation Card trick, in which he “pulls out all the stops”;

* Pinkie Special spun her glow-in-the-dark hula hoops to the tune of “Space Truckin'” by Deep Purple;

* Bettina May, the Canadian Coquette did a tap routine dressed in a little sailor suit;

* Medianoche’s Latin-flavored turn was performed to the version of “Roxanne” from Moulin Rouge;

* Peekaboo Pointe served up her specialty, twirling her tassels from East to West!

* And *BOB as M.C. is hysterical as any stand-up comedian, dropping coinages like “Fabnomenal” and “Gaymazing”, even as she teases the Russian tourists in the first row who don’t speak a word of English, and clearly didn’t know what sort of show they were in for (at least the wife didn’t).

The next edition will be October 6, and will have a completely different line-up and a Coney Island theme. You should check it out! For more details go here.


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