Concerning Some Oscar Nominees

I am usually indifferent to the annual Oscar charades: I find the presentation grating and I’ve generally not seen any of the films, and that really doesn’t leave much to sink one’s teeth into. This year has been an unusual one, though. An inordinant number of major first run films attracted me to the theatre, I actually attended and for the most part enjoyed what I saw, and the films are all nominated for awards. (The fact that many of them are set in the early twentieth century and two of them involve silent films can’t be irrelevant!)

 As it happens, I reviewed a bunch of the nominated pictures this year. Follow the links below for my completely superfluous thoughts on:

* The Artist

* Hugo

* Midnight in Paris

* War Horse

* The Muppets (nominated best song)

* The Adventures of Tin Tin (music)

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