The Polar Bear Report

Photo by Cashel Stewart

Myself and two muchachos went out to Coney Island yesterday to take in the annual Polar Bear ritual. Believe it or not the picture above was taken January 1!  Having gone into the drink myself in January (in other places, other times) I was expecting a tiny group of hardy, eccentric souls. On the contrary, the mildness of the weather (50+ degrees) brought a crowd much larger than you’d have on an average summer day!  Further, rather than just jumping in and out, people lingered and splashed awhile. The autumn-like day was like a free gift. People strolled the boardwalk listening to music, flew kites, played with their dogs.   My kids and I played football in the sand. It was a relaxing scene of peace and harmony that give me high hopes for the coming year. Why, look, it even rubbed off on these people:

Photo by Cashel Stewart

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