Hilary Chaplain’s A Life in Her Day

The brilliant clown Hilary Chaplain’s show A Life in Her Day (directed by Avner the Eccentricis playing in the Voice for Vision Festival at Theater for the New City through December 11 (Sunday). Hither her blurb:

Unconventional and outrageously funny, A Life In Her Day is a wonderful mix of physical comedy and serious theatre about a Jewish woman in her publicly shared private world.  In transforming simple objects into human companions, Hilary’s character gets caught up in an alternate reality. While pouring a bowl of cereal, out pops a prize: a big diamond ring.  From here a lifetime ensues in the course of an hour in a lovely and humorous portrait of a woman who wants the same thing as everyone else – to be loved.  One thing leads to the next until she’s at the altar marrying a lamp with a paper towel veil and a dress made from the lampshade.  Her adventures continue with a Hawaiian honeymoon, giving birth to a son fashioned from a roll of paper towels, and becoming a rabbi wearing a Hostess Snowball yarmulke performing a bris on her newborn.   In the end, the audience is left with the sense that everything she needs can be created and that all she really needs is herself. 

For more details go here.

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