Pood #4

Pood is my life raft.

Oh, not metaphorically — quite literally. The other day I fell off the Staten Island Ferry into the middle of New York harbor…but I simply clung atop my copy of Pood and bobbed along untouched by the icy waters until help arrived. The rescue ship then simply towed me and my copy of Pood back to the pier, while I took a few laps upon my copy of Pood to kill time and keep warm.

I kid a lot about Pood’s size but it occurs to me that it’s expansiveness is a good metaphor for what it does. It constantly opens your eyes to what a comic is, or can be. This month (Pood #4), Jim Rugg contributes “Rampage”, a single panel that takes up two whole pages of Pood…which is in fact poster-size. You could easily hang the comic (which depicts a battle between two monsters resembling Godzilla and King Kong) on your wall, although I would recommend coloring it in first. “Bon Voyage” by Adam McGovern and Paolo Leandri had me looking up the names Elbert and Alice Hubbard (you should, too). I’ve especially come to look forward to Tobias Tak’s surreal, charming visions. Many, perhaps most, of the comics eschew narrative and simply give us striking images that make you feel like your skull is being inflated with helium.

In short, I’m a dude who loves my Pood. To find out what all the fuss is about, go here.


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