Edith Piaf, Opening Tonight!


One Response to “Edith Piaf, Opening Tonight!”

  1. Barbara J. George Says:

    Greetings Floanne… I was deeply impressed with your Edith Piaf show; thank you. I mentioned to you that I have read in one of Piaf’s biographies that when she was asked to sing for the first time in a night club in Paris, she had nothing she thought that was appropriate to wear. Being an avid knitter, Edith immediately began to knit a sweater for the occasion. By the time her singing debut was to occur, she had not finished the sweater…. one sleeve was knit only part way. She wore the sweater as it was and held the unfinished sleeve yarm behind her so the audience could not see its incompleteness. That was her first night in public and the rest is history!
    Again, thank you for a very wonderful evening with Edith and Floanne. Peace. Barbara

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